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The end of an era

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Spent a lot of time on the Arma server 4k+ hours just on RPUK (spread over the live server and the training one where I spent a lot of time too), it's what initially pulled me in and kept me hooked in this community. Sad to see it go but everything ends. I'm just glad I had the opportunity to do what I did when it was around from meeting the people that played, to trying every faction it had to offer over they years it was around, o7.

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Arma:   Ex-UNMC Cpl   |   Ex-Police SGT   |   Ex-NHS PAR   |   Ex-Poseidon Capo

FiveM:   The Lost - Patched  |  Police - PC Firearms

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@Shepherd KingstonFlying a blackfish full of police


Poseidon boat race


TCK Conga line (not sure of the occasion)


Aiden tries to medic


CI Benjamin taunts rebels, this is the result


The death of CMO @Norman


How not to kill police command with @James Blezard


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Never posted any photos of memories so heres some:
Throwback to when the moon didn't exist and it was impossible to see
AR Prepping for an SPG Convoy Event we later got told to leave because nobody had contested it. 5 Minutes later we got called back in cause they all died
When @Antgot arrested by Mi5 / Spectre and it caused a shit ton of drama incl. AR trying to arrest ACC Shepheard and @Antollymegoing to tase hiim but accidentally killing him
drew a very detailed Pepe
The SOS / TBB / TP vs UNMC border raid preparations
Finish it off with the 1 time I got called out by my Number Plate

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