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It's time to say goodbye


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When I founded this community back in 2014 I knew it had great potential when we started to form a strong community of excellent like minded people but never thought it would rise to the size it was today and I certainly did not think we would still be doing this 7 years on with still a massive and bright future ahead of us!

Since around 2016 and the change over to Roleplay.co.uk with the formation of the management team we worked to devolve power amongst us, to staff leads and the staff team meaning this community could and would continue if one day one of us left or dropped dead in our chair.

I have personally have not been around since the start of 2021, I have always preached it and now it's time to take some of my own advice

Real life must come first and with an ending of a very long term relationship, a start of a very exciting new one, an increase of IRL work and a massive increase of running and fitness I no longer have the time to fulfil my duties at a member of management or staff at Roleplay UK

Therefore after a few months of consideration and long thoughts I have decided to make the very hard decision to leave my position as management, but I do so incredibly proud of what we have all achieved as a community and what you all will continue to achieve in the future.

The management team, The staff team, and the development team are an incredible bunch! You are very lucky to have them and they will take this community to the next level, the next roleplay platforms! I leave this project knowing that it is in very good strong stable hands.

This place is a massive outlet for everyone who enjoys it, you can emerge yourself in any character you wish to, be who you wish to no matter what real life is throwing at you, It's also a place where thousands of us have made new contacts and new friends and those friends have stuck by us during the good times, the hard times! And most importantly we all have great fun!

We did that! We will continue to do that! 

Best of luck in the future and in life, Thankyou for joining me on this amazing journey

Ian Wilcox “Wilco” 

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Shared some good times and lots of times to come! 🤍 Here's a toast to you


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Joking aside, we've had a few crossed words over the last 6-7 years, but that's only been due to our passion for making this a better place.

Thanks for all you've done and the I appreciate the difficult decisions you've had to make (probably including this one). 

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Sad to see you go and wish you nothing but the best, one day me you & Cardoso will return to depths of Takistan weather it be blowing up Ciaren or leaving Cordoso to protect the borders! Smashing times, you’ll be sadly missed!

Thanks for putting time into the community and help making it what it is today. Best of luck in your future endeavours.


Thank you for creating this community and all that you have done for it and also allowing me to return.

Wish you all the best in life. 🙂

Never had an interaction with you I think, As a newer person to the community over the past few months , its probably best community ever been a part of , so thank you for putting all the time you did into it, God Bless

Really appreciate the work you guys did , I am fairly new but really love this place.

So far is been a lot of fun.


Thank you for all your work creating such a brilliant community for us all and best of luck with everything in your future.

Been a pleasure Wilco. Thank you for bringing us all together on this awesome community. Don't be a stranger!

We've had our ups and downs together, but I still respect you. And what you've done for the community! I hope some day you return <3.

Thank you for all of the time and commitment you've shown over your years... Don't be a stranger 👋

Hi I’m Teddy Wrinkle,

All this just to get out of doing a speech in Arma!

As you say real life does and should come first, when real life allows let’s cause some more Twitch drama.